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You, your son and the mother of your son used to live together under one roof, but now you’re separated from each other, living in different homes. You have visitation rights, though, and your son is spending every other weekend with you at your apartment. What can you do to make your child’s visit with you a positive experience?

Both parents can work together to ensure that visitation time is enjoyable for the child and the parent who is being visited. Here’s what can be done to ensure visitation goes smoothly:

— Be flexible with your schedule.

— Always treat the other parent of your child with respect.

— Make sure your children feel comfortable at your home.

— Create a routine that offers a feeling of security.

— Stay communicative with the other parent of your child during visitations.

— Do everything possible to make the transition to visitation time smooth.

— Confirm discipline and rules with the other parent.

— Encourage your children to play with children around your home.

— Help your children to form a relationship with their grandparents.

— Create space for your child in your home, even if it’s a small area.

— Make a checklist of clothes, toys and other items that need to be transferred to your home during visitation time.

Florida parents who are planning to have their child over for visits can discuss the issue with a family law attorney to receive valuable guidance and insight. A lawyer can help you create a parenting plan and visitation schedule that is appropriate for you, your child and your spouse’s schedules and needs.

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