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Robin Thicke was hit with a request for a temporary restraining order late last month. A judge granted the restraining order, and also granted temporary sole custody of Thicke’s 6-year-old son, Julian, to his ex-wife Paula Patton. The temporary custody and restraining order will last until at least Feb. 24, which is the date of their next court hearing.

In the meantime, Thicke is prohibited from making contact with his ex-wife and son, except for supervised visitation time. Thicke will be permitted to spend time with Julian in the presence of a court-approved supervisor.

Patton’s request for a temporary restraining order claims that Thicke kicked and punched her, and that he was also unfaithful during the course of their marriage. The request for a restraining order further claims that Thicke waited outside Patton’s mother’s home for a full two hours, while demanding to see his son.

As per their agreed-upon custody arrangements from their 2015 divorce, Thicke was permitted to have his son Julian overnight from Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Now, Thicke has only been given the right to supervised visitation three days per week in a neutral location. He is also been ordered to keep 100 yards distance from Patton, Patton’s mother and Julian.

Thicke’s lawyer has since fired back, saying that the temporary restraining order is unfair. The lawyer said that Patton never mentioned instances of domestic violence until she was potentially in contempt of court when she violated custody orders. Furthermore, Thicke’s lawyer argues that infidelity allegations relating do not have anything to do with a child custody matter.

Florida parents accused of domestic violence in a child custody matter could be in danger of losing access to their children. As such, it’s important to handle these matters with care and to address any request for a restraining order in a legally appropriate matter. Fortunately, a Florida family law attorney will know a suitable course of action to take in response to this kind of situation.

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