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Violating a child custody order can result in a charge of parental abduction against the parent who absconds with his or her child. It might seem innocent enough to a parent who takes the child — or the legal violation may even seem justified on a moral level — and this is why these cases tend to happen.

A parent may, for example, take his or her child across state lines in violation of a child custody order and then stay longer than he or she expected. Nevertheless, according to Florida child custody law, this could qualify as a parental abduction case.

Whether the violation was intended or not, the parent who takes the child away — and violates a child custody order — will face serious legal consequences, particularly if the other parent decides to enforce the child custody agreement in court. In these situations, a judge may order law enforcement officers to get involved. Police will then find the child that was abducted, and bring the parent who abducted him or her to legal justice. In the case of a cross-border abduction, out-of-state police and federal law enforcement agencies might be involved in this process.

The parent who lost his or her child in an abduction case is well-served to hire a family law attorney to assist in getting the child back. Most Florida family law attorneys will also know a skilled private investigator, who can help in tracking down the child and assist in coordinating with law enforcement to take appropriate action. However, a private investigator will represent additional expenditures that the average parent cannot afford, so it will be important to work with one’s attorney to find an affordable solution that suits the parental child abduction case.

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