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Not having access to your children — or not having them by your side every evening when you’re home from work — is not something any Florida parent wants to imagine. Nevertheless, if circumstances have arisen that could result in you losing your parental rights, this fear could be very real for you.

Florida parents accused of crimes, parents in difficult financial circumstances and parents in the midst of highly contentious child custody battles might find themselves in danger of losing their parental rights. If you’re facing this kind of situation, it’s important that you act fast, swiftly and strategically to increase the chances that you will not lose your child.

An experienced Florida child custody lawyer can help you formulate a legal strategy in this regard. At the Law Office of Kelly A. Joseph, PA, our Plantation-based law office has been fighting to help parents retain their child custody rights since 1995. We know exactly what family law judges look for when making decisions on child custody matters, and we know how to represent parents to increase their chances of safeguarding their parental rights and child custody.

One of the hallmarks of our practice is our ability to bring deep empathy to all child custody matters. Family law matters that involve children are never easy for anyone involved — and they can be especially stressful for children. Attorney Kelly A. Joseph is a mother herself, and she will do everything in her power to assist you in protecting the best interests of your children, while seeking a favorable result in your child custody matter.