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Every family is different, and some families have an abusive parent. That parent might be physically or verbally abusive, but whatever form the abuse takes, you will want to protect your children from being harmed by it when they’re spending time with the parent. Here’s what you need to know.

If your ex has a legally documented history of being abusive, in which there are domestic violence arrests, it’s important to make this point known when the family law court is making its decision on visitation rights. In cases where the court has any reason to believe that the children will be in danger, it will assign supervised visitation.

Courts tend to recognize the importance of children spending time with their biological parents whenever possible. Courts will even seek to ensure that children spend time with biological parents when the individual could be abused. Through supervised visitation, the court can ensure the child’s safety while keeping visitation possible.

Supervised visitation requires another person — approved by the court — to be physically present during all visitation time. This person must be another adult, who is trusted by both parents. Sometimes this person is a court-appointed person as well if the parents cannot come to agreement.

If the other parent of your children was abusive, though, your concerns are valid and important. You might attempt to prevent the other parent from having access to your children with the assistance of an experienced Florida family law attorney. Your attorney will do whatever he or she can to make sure children stay safe.

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