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If you’re in the throes of a child custody dispute, remember: Even though the process is stressful and scary for you, it could be even more frightening for your children. It’s important for Florida parents to try and shield their children from the most psychologically tumultuous effects of their child custody proceedings.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to protect your children’s feelings of security during your divorce process:

— Ensure children of your love: Children may be afraid that you’ll stop loving them. In a child’s mind, if you could stop loving your spouse, you might stop loving them as well. Fears of abandonment could arise if your children start to think these thoughts. As such, your primary goal is to ensure your child that your and your ex’s love for them is different, and that you’ll never stop loving them no matter what.

— Stay in regular contact with your kids: The more regular, predictable and dependable your contact with your children is, the better off they’ll be. Your children should have access to a calendar that shows them exactly when they’re going to see you next. This will add needed stability during a time that could feel volatile and unpredictable as they’re being moved from one parent’s house to the next after a divorce.

— Don’t talk negatively about your ex: As difficult as it may be, and no matter what your spouse did, don’t speak ill of your spouse when your children are around, as it could put them in the middle of adult arguments, which isn’t fair to them.

— Try to get along with your spouse: Your divorce will be easier on you and your children if you can get along with your ex.

Having an experienced Florida child custody lawyer on your side can help you keep good relations with your ex-spouse. Your lawyer will also guide you on an appropriate path for your divorce that protects your legal rights while honoring the best interests and needs of your children.