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Everyone has their own way of making money. Some of us have jobs that keep a regular nine-to-five schedule and others of us have anything but a normal schedule. For those who have odd work schedules, it’s not a very big issue until we want to spend time with people in the nine-to-five world — and it can become an even bigger issue if you’re a newly single parent.

Doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers and others working unusual hours could face special challenges when trying to negotiate a suitable parenting schedule with their exes. Let’s say you’re a firefighter and on shift for 24 hours at a time twice a week. Even worse, one of those 24-hour periods overlaps the weekend — and your ex works a nine-to-five job at an accounting firm. You’re going to have a hard time making you and your ex’s schedules mesh.

Florida family law courts encounter parents with unique schedules all the time and you will not be penalized for having a schedule that’s unique. In fact, Florida courts will honor the fact that children benefit from spending as much time as possible with both their parents, and they will do everything possible to find a parenting plan that works best for you, your spouse and your children.

Alternatively, you and your spouse may be able to arrive at an out of court settlement, to resolve any scheduling conflicts you’re experiencing in your parenting plan. A skilled family law attorney will be able to provide diplomatic solutions that seek to minimize conflict and maximize satisfaction in your child custody negotiations — so that you can arrive at a parenting plan agreement that suits the needs of all parties involved.

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