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Many Florida parents enjoy posting pictures of their children on Facebook so family members and friends can stay up-to-date on the latest news of their children. However, when we post things on social media, they could end up being seen by more than just family and friends — they could go viral.

Recently, a Sebring mother found out that a video going viral isn’t always the best news in the world. The Florida mom posted a video on Facebook last month that showed her baby getting attacked by a snake. The problem is, it’s clear that the mother purposefully put the attacking snake in front of her baby.

Soon after the video went viral, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office charged the 34-year-old mother with one count of child cruelty. The woman responded to the charges publicly, saying that she allowed the snake to bite her 1-year-old baby daughter to teach her baby about wildlife safety. She defended herself by saying that the snake’s teeth were so tiny that it couldn’t break the skin.

Clearly, this incident is highly controversial. The mother can be heard in the video laughing after the snake bit her baby, and her baby started to cry. Although the mother tries defends herself, only time will tell how a Florida court will choose to view the matter.

Controversial parenting styles that appear to put children under the threat of unnecessary risk and danger could result in court involvement. If a controversial video surfaces and a parent finds him or herself facing criminal charges of child cruelty, the parent could be in danger of losing his her parental and child custody rights.

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