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Biological parents do not always have custody of their children, but blood bonds can run deep and desperate parents may do desperate things to get their children back. Let’s take a recent case that happened a couple of months ago for example. Two biological parents took their daughter unlawfully from her legal guardians.

The legal guardians in the case are the biological grandparents of the girl. The biological parents of the girl picked her up to visit with her on Saturday in May. The visit was only supposed to last two hours, but they never brought the girl back. The grandparents called the police, and the police issued an amber alert to find her.

As it turns out, the biological parents had unlawfully taken their daughter out of state to Missouri, approximately 800 miles away. Police found the girl with her parents at a Missouri hotel. Police said that she was healthy, without injury and they were returning her to Florida.

It’s unknown what plans the parents had. Police don’t know if the parents planned to continue on their journey, or if they wanted to stay in Missouri with their daughter. It’s also not known why the parents lost custody of their child. Police arrested one of the biological parents on the charges of interference of child custody warrant.

If you are dealing with a parent who unlawfully took your child from you, you may want to speak with a Florida child custody lawyer. A lawyer can help review your legal rights and options given the circumstances of your child custody case.

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