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In all child custody negotiations — and discussions about visitation schedules — make sure that the best interests of your child come first. This is not only important for the welfare of your child, but it’s also how a Florida family court judge will evaluate your case.

The thing is that the perception of what constitutes the “best interests” of a child changes over the time. As new psychological evidence is revealed by researchers, we are learning more about the best conditions for raising children and — with new research — this can alter from decade to decade. For example, not too long ago, Florida courts may have assumed that a child’s best place is to live with his or her mother full time. Courts may also have only awarded limited visitation to the father. Now, however, courts are learning toward 50-50 parenting time, where a child lives with on parent half the time and the other parent the rest.

Florida courts also recognize that children benefit greatly when they’re parents get along. A such, courts encourage parents to work with one another peacefully and respectfully to come to decisions about their children. Now, courts prefer to use terminology like “parenting plans” and “time sharing” in the place of visitation and child custody.

At the Law Office of Kelley A. Joseph PA, we represent parents in their child custody suits. At all times we assist parents in safeguarding the best interests of their children, while honoring our clients’ own wishes and needs with regard to their child custody and child visitation proceedings.