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A temporary parenting plan can be useful in the months it takes for your divorce to be finalized. Once your divorce is complete, you will have a permanent parenting plan set up. However, until then you’ll need something that allows you and your ex to share time with your children in a fair and efficient way that reflects the best interests of your children.

Temporary parenting plans usually last for about one to six months. Here’s what your plan should include:

  • How legal custody matters (or the decisions you’ll make about your child’s welfare, education and healthcare) will be shared.
  • How physical custody will be shared (or the schedule relating to who your child will be living with and when).
  • How you and your ex will divide child care responsibilities.
  • How you and your ex will share expenses related to your children. If temporary child support is needed, additional paperwork is required.

Temporary child custody arrangements are important for any divorce proceeding. Often, the temporary arrangements — if they end up working well for both sides of the divorce — will be turned into permanent arrangements during the court process. As such, parents should keep this possibility in mind and craft their temporary arrangements in a way they would prefer to be permanent upon the finalization of their divorce proceedings.

There are so many ways that parents organize their parenting plans in Florida. A qualified family law attorney can help you review your child’s best interests and needs, your preferences — as well as your ex’s preferences — and find a solution that works well for everyone involved.