Helping You Create A Brighter Future

When two parents divorce, they can choose a lot of different strategies when it comes to sharing custody of their children. However, one thing — according to psychologists — will help the children have a happy and healthy future: The ability of children to spend regular time with both parents.

The fact that children benefit so much from seeing both their parents on a regular basis is why modern family court judges will do everything they can to ensure continued contact between the children and both parents after a divorce. In fact, family court judges may even grant regular child visitation to a parent convicted of violent crimes or a parent with a severe drug addiction. Albeit, those visits will probably be supervised and in a safe environment, but the consensus is that children benefit greatly from having contact with both their parents — even if those parents could potentially have an adverse influence.

There is also the trend of awarding more parents 50/50 child custody following a divorce. Previously, mothers were the traditional winners of full child custody in divorce proceedings — and national statistics show that mothers continue to receive full custody in 80 percent of cases. However, times are changing due to the overwhelming psychological evidence that children do better when they spend the most time with both parents as equally and regularly as possible.

Do you want to seek a 50/50 child custody split with your soon-to-be ex-spouse? The law and the Florida family court system may be on your side. Be sure to speak with your divorce lawyer or family law attorney about the possibility of having your child live with you half of the time.

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