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There are a number of parenting provisions you may want to include in your parenting and custody agreement that pertain to traveling with your child. A parenting provision is specific language that you and your spouse will agree to.

Parenting provisions ensure that you’re on the same page and that you have planned in advance how to organize specific aspects of raising your child together. In terms of traveling with your children, there are several parenting provisions you may want to include.

Travel Provision 1: Parents must do the following things prior to traveling with their children:

  • Provide seven days of advanced notice before traveling.
  • Provide a travel itinerary.
  • Provide copies of roundtrip tickets.
  • Give phone numbers and addresses so that parents can reach the child at all times.

Travel Provision 2: Parents must get written permission from both spouses if they plan to travel with the child out of the country, out of state, to specific countries and/or to other specific places.

Travel Provision 3: Parents have the freedom to travel anywhere in the United States when they have parenting time. However, when traveling, the parent needs to offer seven days of advanced warning — unless if an emergency requires the travel. The parent also agrees to provide an itinerary with locations and contact information at least three days before the trip.

There are other parenting provisions you and the other parent of your child may want to agree to. By working with an experienced family law attorney and speaking with the other parent, you can determine which parenting provisions are suitable for you and your family’s needs.

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