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There are many benefits and advantages for 50-50 child custody — both for parents and for children. For this reason, Florida courts are more than willing to agree to 50-50 custody arrangement when the parents are willing and able to make this plan work.

That said, 50-50 custody is not for everyone. Here is a list of the primary factors that will help ensure your split custody arrangements work smoothly for the benefit of you, your ex and your kids:

  • You and your ex live in the same town, and the commute between your houses is convenient. Either that, or custody exchanges can be performed in a location that is mutually convenient for both parents’ work schedules and living arrangements.
  • Parents can communicate peacefully with one another and when potential conflicts arise, they have the emotional fortitude and social skills to navigate the conflicts to peaceful resolution.
  • The children are emotionally and psychologically capable of shifting between two homes.
  • The parents both make a commitment to place the needs of their children above their own.
  • Both of the parents want a 50-50 child custody schedule.

If the above factors exist, you might want to consider the benefits of 50-50 custody arrangements. For one, caring for a child all on your own can be difficult and exhausting — as you will never be able to take a “timeout” from being a parent. Fifty-fifty arrangements may provide you with some relaxation time each week. Children also benefit psychologically from spending as much time as possible with both parents.

If you and your ex are on board with the idea of 50-50 custody arrangements, you may want to speak with your respective divorce or family law attorneys and request assistance in drafting such an agreement.