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It’s hard to imagine not living with your son or daughter. However, if you’re the noncustodial parent following a divorce, then you will only be given visitation with your child. This means you’ll probably get to spend every other weekend with your son, or perhaps only a single day per week.

Newly single parents with visitation rights always want to make the most of the time they have with their kids. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to come up with ideas. Here is an excellent list of potential activities that you can do with your son:

  • Get out the playing cards or play a fun board game together. This is an excellent way to spend quality time with a child.
  • Do a jigsaw puzzle. It might seem boring to sit around a table and do a puzzle, but once you get out the pieces you may be surprised just how much fun it is. Many interesting conversations can spring up between you and your son while searching for the right piece.
  • Put a model together. Young kids love putting together all kinds of models. Take your child to the local hobby shop and let him pick out a fun model that you can spend the day putting together.
  • Buy a kite and go to the park. There’s nothing more fun than watching your child’s imagination soar while he’s holding onto the string of a kite.
  • Go to the beach. The beach is a relaxing and fun day environment for everyone. There’s plenty of opportunity for fun times building sandcastles, jumping in the waves and learning about sea life.

The list of activities could go forever. The most important thing is to find something that both you and your son enjoy. Father-son time is essential for the health and well being of both you and your child. As such, if you’re currently in the throes of a child custody disagreement — and you’re worried about losing time with your son — be sure to assert your parental rights in court.

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