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The most common kind of kidnapping is done by one of the parents of the child. This parent may not agree with the child custody orders and decide to take matters into his or her own hands by taking the child and keeping him or her in violation of a court’s ruling. When these instances happen, the law offers the means for the other parent to get his or her child returned.

The first course of action for a parent to take following a parental kidnapping is to notify the police. Local, state and federal authorities will swiftly move into action where necessary in these cases. Often, the authorities involved will be able to locate the child and get him or her returned. Sometimes, parents may employ a private investigator to assist in locating the child.

After having your child returned, you can take steps to prevent another abduction. For example, if the abducting parent violated a court custody order, the abducting parent could lose his or her custodial rights, parental rights and visitation rights. Such a revocation of parental rights could prevent the likelihood of another abduction. The abducting parent could also face jail time and other criminal penalties following the incident.

If your child has been taken from you in violation of a Florida child custody order, you will want to act as quickly as possible. Notify the police and notify the court immediately after something like this has occurred. You may also want to research the law as it applies to your case because fully understanding your rights could help you prevent another parental abduction from occurring in the future.