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Busy Florida parents barely have enough time to go grocery shopping, take their kids to school and get to work on time. Adding into your schedule the need to meet up with your ex-spouse for a child custody exchange can become the straw that breaks your schedule’s back — especially if your spouse is continually late or misses your appointments.

In order to ensure that you and your spouse are clear about child custody exchanges — and to ensure that you have legal recourse in the event that the exchange guidelines are broken by your ex — here are some important legal provisions to include in your child custody plan:

  • A detailed description of who or how transportation to the child custody exchange point will be provided.
  • A detailed description of who or how transportation from the child custody exchange point will be provided.
  • Describe exactly where drop-offs and pickups will occur and on what days. One way of handling this is to state that the exchange will happen at the residence of the parent who currently has the child, or at the school on days when the exchange occurs after school. Alternatively, state that the parents shall discuss with one another to agree upon the exact place of the exchange ahead of time.
  • State whether the parent responsible for transportation can use a third party or not. In some cases, this could provide convenience. In other cases, it could also result in an unknown or untrusted party providing transportation, so parents may want to clarify exactly which third parties will have the ability to provide transportation like this.

The more planning you do ahead of time in your child custody agreement, the fewer chances there will be of disagreement over what was intended when you created your agreement. Be sure to understand your legal rights and plan accordingly to prevent parental conflicts in the future.

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