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Imagine facing the threat that you’ll never get to see or spend time with your children again. The thought seems unimaginable to most parents, but for some Florida mothers and fathers this threat is real. Regardless of how it happens — be it because the parent was convicted of a crime, convicted of committing abuse, accused of child neglect or some other reason — some parents never get to see their kids.

Fortunately, the cases in which a parent cannot see his or her child are rare. In most situations, Florida parents have the right to — at the very least — some form of child visitation. There are two primary kinds of child visitation in this regard: unsupervised child visitation and supervised child visitation.

When it comes to unsupervised child visitation, this is what most parents get to have. There will usually be one day a week, or a full weekend every other week, when the non-custodial parent gets to spend completely unfettered time with his or her children. These days are usually fun and enjoyable for both parent and child, and the parent will have the freedom to decide what they will do without anyone else trying to direct the activities.

As for supervised visitation, it’s exactly as it sounds. The mother or father will need to have a court-approved supervisor present whenever he or she is spending time with the child. Although rare, supervised visits may be ordered by a judge if the parent has been accused of neglect, abandonment, abuse, addictions or some other violent crimes.

If you’re in danger of not receiving the right to spend time with your children, you may want to educate yourself on your legal rights as a parent and how to go about preserving those rights when they are threatened.