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March 2018 Archives

How to have a blast on child visitation day with your 3-year-old

Imagine you have child custody rights after a long legal battle. Your child is still just a toddler and this weekend is going to be the first time he is coming to stay with you. What kind of activities do you plan to enjoy together? If you're a seasoned parent, you probably know exactly what kinds of things a toddler likes to do, but if it's your first rodeo you might not have a clue.

Do some jobs create more single parents than others?

As it turns out, your choice of profession could have something to do with your future ability to stay married. A study compiled from U.S. Census Bureau data from 2015 looked at divorce rates for people in different career tracks and discovered that certain jobs had seemed to promote their workers being divorced more than other jobs.

Visitation time and child custody: Supervised visits

Sometimes a judge will award a parent supervised visitation rights. Supervised visitation usually becomes necessary following one of the parent's conviction of various crimes, or as a result of a mental condition. For example, the parent with supervised visits might have been convicted of a violent crime, a sex crime or he or she might have a history of child abuse or domestic violence.

Can a prenuptial agreement help my current or future kids?

The practicality of a prenup cannot be ignored. To put it simply: Responsible couples sign prenuptial agreements before they get married. That's because a prenuptial agreement takes into account the possibility of divorce and helps couples prepare for it in advance to prevent the threat of infighting, costly divorce battles and stressful decisions when they are in difficult emotional states.

Make a plan for revising your parenting arrangements post-divorce

Divorcing parents generally have a lot of freedom when drafting their parenting plans and child custody agreements. As long as a judge agrees that the parenting arrangements are both lawful and serve the best interests of the children involved, the parenting plan will get approved. However, that doesn't mean it will be perfect.

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