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As it turns out, your choice of profession could have something to do with your future ability to stay married. A study compiled from U.S. Census Bureau data from 2015 looked at divorce rates for people in different career tracks and discovered that certain jobs had seemed to promote their workers being divorced more than other jobs.

In some of the circumstances, the jobs with high divorce rates make sense from a logical perspective. For example, as you might expect, low paying jobs and jobs in industries that are declining tended to have a higher divorce rate — perhaps because monetary problems are the cause of most marital issues. Also, jobs where the individuals were constantly traveling, like being a flight attendant, were also prone to having higher divorce rates.

The careers that had fewer divorces also made sense. The career with the lowest divorce rate was “actuary.” Since actuaries have the job of reducing risk for a living, it makes sense that they’d do a good job of minimizing the risks of not marrying “the one.”

Other professions where people had better chances of staying married were in the medical field. Doctors, podiatrists, dentists, pharmacists and physical therapists all tended to have lower divorce figures. Perhaps this is because they have steady jobs, tend to stay in the same general area and enjoy economic stability.

Although having a certain kind of job might make you less prone to getting a divorce, the fact of the matter is that selecting the right kind of job will never be enough to prevent you from getting a divorce. Considering what kinds of effects your job could have on your love life, however, is an interesting dilemma to ponder.

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