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Consider special needs when creating your parenting plan

Some children have special needs that don't exactly fit into the box. Perhaps your child has developmental difficulties relating to motor skills, cognition or psychology -- or maybe your child has a medical condition that requires constant attention, special treatments and care. Maybe your child simply doesn't like to be separated from mom and her house for more than a day.

Are you and your spouse unable to resolve your disagreements?

Marriage isn't always going to be easy. You and your spouse will no doubt get into plenty of disagreements even if you're in a perfectly loving relationship. That said, couples do need to draw the distinction between healthy marital spats and unresolvable problems that never seem to go away.

When does joint physical custody work for parents?

Joint physical custody involves two parents sharing time with their children equally. The parents will essentially set up two separate living environments in their respective homes and their children will -- in fact -- have two different homes. According to most family psychologists, children adapt well to these circumstances and benefit from enjoying equal time living with both of their parental figures.

Did your marriage end for this reason?

Irreconcilable differences. You've heard the phrase many times while reading about celebrity divorce proceedings. Although you never thought you'd see "irreconcilable differences" written out in your own divorce papers, you always knew what it means. It's the polite or legally appropriate way of saying that two people were incompatible. To put it another way, two people with irreconcilable differences might have been arguing day in and day out, non-stop, for years before they finally decided to call it quits on their marriage.

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