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Marriage isn’t always going to be easy. You and your spouse will no doubt get into plenty of disagreements even if you’re in a perfectly loving relationship. That said, couples do need to draw the distinction between healthy marital spats and unresolvable problems that never seem to go away.

Have you and your spouse fallen into the pattern of getting into a discussion that invariably expands into the same argument over and over again? Maybe it’s as simple as you choosing the wrong color to paint the living room. However, your spouse will never let it go. It starts as a minor disagreement about where to go to dinner, and it leads to a snide comment about the lime-green paint in the bedroom, and then your both slinging ugly names at one another.

If you’re stuck in a rut and you can’t ever resolve your disagreements, that’s no way to live. Yes, family counseling can help in certain situations, but divorce is also a perfectly reasonable solution if you can’t live in the same house without getting into a heated, blowout argument every day. Being in a relationship that involves constant blaming of one another or an inability to compromise is toxic and depressing. It’s certainly not the kind, warm, intimate and trusting marital environment that most people hope for.

It’s not easy to come to the conclusion that your marriage is over, but when it’s truly over, the telltale signs will be there. What might not be clear, however, is the best legal strategies to employ in your divorce proceedings with regard to child custody and asset division. The more you understand about how divorces get resolved, and how parents organize their child custody arrangements and property division, the better you’ll be able to navigate the dissolution of your marriage.