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Irreconcilable differences. You’ve heard the phrase many times while reading about celebrity divorce proceedings. Although you never thought you’d see “irreconcilable differences” written out in your own divorce papers, you always knew what it means. It’s the polite or legally appropriate way of saying that two people were incompatible. To put it another way, two people with irreconcilable differences might have been arguing day in and day out, non-stop, for years before they finally decided to call it quits on their marriage.

If you and your spouse are no longer compatible, it doesn’t mean your years of marriage were pointless, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you and your spouse never loved one another. It just means that you’ve come to realize that you and your spouse have different core values, don’t want to live in the same place or don’t want to live in the same way.

If you’re incompatible like this, it’s normal for friction to happen because – for this kind of partnership to work – one of the spouses will have to give up something that he or she fundamentally wants and needs, and this can result in resentment and arguments.

If you find yourself thinking, “There’s no hope for us,” or “We’re never going to work this out,” it might be time to consider divorce proceedings. By bringing your marriage to a close, you and your ex-spouse can start new lives that satisfy your respective needs. Also, when done in a peaceful and thoughtful manner, divorce does not need to be difficult or contentious. Indeed, numerous spouses can reach respectful, out-of-court divorce agreements quickly and cost-effectively.

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