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In nearly every kind of legal proceeding, foresight is everything, and child custody negotiations aren’t any different — especially when you’re trying to negotiate a workable coparenting agreement with the other parent of your child. When parents have foresight, and the benefit of legal knowledge and experience, they can include specific language in their parenting plans that will help them circumnavigate potential problems later down the road.

Here are two little nuggets of language, for example, that you may want to include your parenting plan regarding education and extracurricular activities as it will help ensure that full involvement of the other parent in your child’s schooling:

  • Both parents agree to be present for and participate in the school activities of the child. These activities might include sports, open houses, parent-teacher activities and other important school events.
  • The parents are responsible for keeping themselves independently informed of all school activities pertaining to the child.
  • The parents agree to notify one another if they drop off or pick up the child late at school, remove the child early from school or if the child won’t be going to school on a particular day.
  • The parents agree to require the child to go to school unless there is a medical reason for not attending or unless both parents agree that the child won’t attend that day.
  • The parents agree to set aside time to help the child with his or her studies, complete her homework and offer other assistance regarding schoolwork and studies.

In reading these examples, you might have thought of more language regarding schooling to include in your parenting plan. When you have the right mindset, these kinds of parenting provisions can help you set the stage of your co-parenting intentions.