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When it comes to a well-drafted parenting plan, foresight and experience go a very long way. Parents need to consider what their future co-parenting relationship will be like. They need to foresee potential problems, and they need to incorporate solutions for those potential problems within a carefully-drafted parenting plan.

An experienced family law attorney can be very helpful in the process of creating parenting plans with this kind of foresight. Here’s what most family law attorneys will want to include in such parenting agreements:

Procedures for altering the plan. A good parenting plan should be able to grow with the child and family as they change over time. While structure is important, parents should also indicate in their parenting plans that they will meet periodically to discuss and agree to required changes to the parenting plans.

Physical custody agreement. The parenting plan should clearly state with whom the children will live and when. Often, children will only live with a single parent full-time, but sometimes the parents agree to a joint, 50-50 sharing of physical custody, and the child has two homes.

How child visits will be organized. If the children only live with one parent, then the noncustodial parent will have visitation rights. Parents need to create a plan for visits and child exchanges, including rotation dates, times and guidelines for visits and exchanges.

If a parent has never drafted a parenting plan before, it may be difficult to know exactly what to include. This is where a Florida family law attorney can be helpful to ensure that all the vital areas are covered by both parents when drafting and signing their parenting agreements.