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Florida parents don’t always have the legal right to spend time with their kids. When a parent is denied access to his or her children like this, however, it’s painful and damaging for both the parent and the child. In fact, children can grow up with emotional scars when they’re denied access to a mother or father for legal reasons. For this reason, Florida courts will strive to ensure that children have access to both parents. Courts may even award supervised visitation in cases where the court believes that the parent poses a danger or threat to the safety of the child.

Supervised visitation allows for children to visit with their parents in a safe and supervised setting. During supervised visits, the visiting time will be carried out in a neutral location with a court-approved, adult supervisor present. In some cases, when the visitation sessions are what’s called “therapeutically supervised visitation,” this supervisor serves a more important purpose than simply being there to ensure the child’s safety.

Therapeutically supervised visitations are carried out by master’s degree-level professionals who can assist in guiding, directing and aiding healthy and meaningful communication between the parent and child. The therapeutic visitation supervisor will use special skills and techniques to provide counseling and other mental health therapies to both the parent and child. This therapy ensures that the parent and child have the best chance possible to form a loving and lasting bond with each other.

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