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Newly divorcing parents will need to find a suitable way to divide the time they spend with their children. The best way to arrive at a suitable and lawfully appropriate parenting-time agreement is to stay flexible to what works for you, your child, the other parent and your unique situations. Here are four ways that parents might split the time they spend with their kids:

The 50-50 schedule

The 50-50 schedule is a great way to divide time because it allows the children to live an equal amount of time with both parents. The children will essentially have two homes with this schedule. It might be every other two weeks, every other week or every other half-week.

The 60-40 schedule

This schedule, just as it reads, splits the time 60 percent with one parent and 40 percent with the other. Sometimes, these schedules are used to recognize the fact that some days (like Saturday and Sunday) actually involve spending more quality time with the kids. Children usually have two homes with this schedule, similar to the 50-50 one.

The 70-30 and the 80-20 schedule

The 70-30 and 80-20 schedules give children plenty of time with both parents, while also allowing the children to have a single home base. Perhaps the children will spend two or three days with one parent every other weekend under this arrangement, for example.

It can be stressful trying to decide the best parenting-plan arrangements for you and your child, but when parents have a clear understanding of Florida child-custody laws and are willing to stay flexible while searching to find an option that works, they will have the best chance of agreeing to balanced, fair and lawful arrangements.