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Your child is the most precious thing in your life, but that doesn’t mean you will always have the “right” to possess your child — if the government decides to intervene. There are several circumstances in which a Florida parent could lose his or her parental rights.

Whether you’re seeking to challenge the other parent of your child’s fitness to be a parent, or are trying to defend your parental rights, you might want to know about the following reasons why the state could revoke parenting privileges:

Domestic violence and abuse

When the court determines that a parent has been abusing his or her child — be it through physical abuse, sexual abuse or some variety of domestic violence — the court is within its right to order the child to be separated from the parent.

If another parent is available, then that parent will likely assume all parental rights. If no parent is available, then a grandparent or another family member might take on the role of caregiver. If no family members are available, then the state of Florida will offer care and protection through the child and likely place the child with a foster home. In the case of abuse and/or neglect, the parent could also face criminal charges.

Violating court orders

When a court orders a parent to follow specific child custody rules relating to the visitation schedule and parenting time, the parent must follow these orders to a letter. Failing to adhere to a court-issued child custody degree could result in a parent losing his or her custody rights and parenting privileges.

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