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When parents decide to get a divorce, beyond all other aspects of their breakup, decisions relating to child custody are the most important – and the most difficult. The parents will have to decide with whom the children will and how they’ll share their time with their children. One way that parents organize these decisions is through a joint physical custody arrangement.

Joint physical custody means that the child or children live with both parents – usually for equal amounts of time. Many parents with joint custody arrangements will create a rotating three-day on and four-day off schedule. One week, Parent A has the child for three days and Parent B has the child for four days. The next week, Parent B has the child for three days and so forth.

Joint custody arrangements work best when the following is true:

  • The parents get along well enough with each other that they can make child-related decisions without getting into arguments.
  • The parents live close enough to each other to make child exchanges convenient.
  • The child or children do well having two different living arrangements.
  • The parents have work schedules that make splitting equal physical custody possible.

At our family law offices, we can advise you about whether joint custody arrangements may be right for you and your family. We can also help you review other common child custody plans that could be more suitable for your needs. Considering that child custody is the most important area for decision in your divorce, it’s important that you fully understand all your legal rights and options regarding this important topic.