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Anyone who glances at the news from time to time is well aware of the fact that celebrities are prone to having relationship troubles. Even worse, those who are married tend to have ugly divorce proceedings when lots of money and children are involved. Here are three examples of celebrity child custody battles and their results:

Halle Berry

In 2010, Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend decided to split, but not before they had a daughter together. A judge ordered Berry to pay her ex-model boyfriend $20,000 in child support money. A judge further refused to grant Berry permission to move to France with her daughter.

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, divorced from Debbie Rowe in 2001. In the divorce, Rowe forfeited all of her child custody rights. Later, in the wake of one of Jackson’s child molestation accusations in 2003, his ex filed suit to gain child visitation rights. Three years later, Rowe secured a confidential child custody settlement.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown entered into divorce proceedings after a prolonged string of incidents reported by the media. During their divorce, they disagreed about the custody of their daughter Bobbi Kirstina. In 2007, a judge awarded Houston full physical and legal custody of her child.

The trials and tribulations of divorcing celebrities could serve as a reminder to Florida parents to divorce as peacefully and respectfully as possible. When diplomatic solutions can be found, spouses and their children can enjoy less heartache while saving a great deal of time, money and stress during their Florida child custody disputes.