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Newborn babies have special needs, so if you’re in the process of planning your child visitation or parenting plan agreement for a baby, you’ll want to keep these needs in mind. Here are some vital considerations to remember while trying to make a plan for your baby:

Consistency is key

Make sure your parenting plan allows your baby to enjoy a consistent schedule for waking, eating and sleeping.

Short memory spans

Young babies have short memories. It’s important for your baby to see both parents regularly to establish a lasting connection and bond.

Changes come fast

You’ll notice changes happening with your baby quickly and on a daily basis. Your parenting plan should therefore provide a means for parents to stay in touch with one another regarding the baby’s changing development and needs.

Babies are emotionally sensitive

Babies are extremely sensitive to feelings of fear, fighting and unkind words. Parents should have a way of working through their conflicts when the baby is not present.

Consider breastfeeding

Parents must stay realistic. For example, a breastfeeding baby will not be able to have overnight visits with the father. It’s important to schedule any visits around breastfeeding times.

Keep a daily communication log

Keeping a log book is very helpful with young babies, especially when there are two parents involved with the baby’s care. This log book allows parents to track feeding, sleeping and changing diaper times to ensure the maintenance of a consistent schedule.

Are you making child custody arrangements that involve a baby? By speaking with a highly experienced custody and visitation lawyer in Florida, you can make sure you’re considering the most important aspects surrounding the creation of your child custody plan.