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The worst thing a noncustodial parent can hear from their child on visitation day is, “Daddy/Mommy, I’m bored!” It hurts to think that your children aren’t having fun with you. And it’s even worse when a noncustodial parent receives this kind of feedback from the other parent after the children go home. “The kids were bored all weekend, why didn’t you do something more interesting with them?”

Obviously, your job as a “parent” is not about being the entertainer. Nevertheless, if you want to spruce up your visitation time with your kids, you might want to think of some creative activities – and ask your children for ideas as well. To prime the pump of your creativity in this regard, here are three simple ideas that both the kids and you will surely enjoy:

Exploring the cultures of the world in your own town

There are many cultural activities you can do with your kids to help them get to know the world — all within the confines of your own town. Get creative, make a passport, find a foreign pen-pal, go to a foreign restaurant and speak to the staff in their language, visit a museum and come up with other ideas that will broaden the cultural horizons of your children.

Build a fort on a rainy day

When it’s too cold and rainy to go outside with your children, consider doing something indoors, like building a fort. Your children will enjoy grabbing blankets and sheets and creating a fort out of the kitchen table or by putting a few chairs together.

Explore the city next door

Driving to another city can be a fun day for your kids. They will get a better feeling for the surrounding area, and it will be a fun day to spend time together.

Ultimately, the most important thing to keep your mind on is simply being able to spend valuable time with your kids — it really doesn’t matter what you do with them. They will cherish every second with you. If you’re finding it difficult to secure visitation rights, our law firm is available to defend your legal rights as a Florida parent.