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Visitation is a major sticking point in almost every divorce case involving children. No parent wants to lose time with their child, so having to divide time is difficult.

Visitation schedules may have to change if parents have nonstandard work schedules, and children may end up with new activities or events that take away from one parent’s time unfairly.

What should you do to make sure visitation is fair?

If you want to make sure visitation time is fair, you should sit down and think about how to make up for time when a child can’t attend visitation. For example, if your child has a school meet and can’t go to the other parent’s home on the scheduled day, it might be acceptable to extend the parent’s visitation time into the following day or to add on an additional day at another time. The goal should be to make sure your child and their parent get the time together, even if the scheduled time won’t work.

Another thing you can do is plan for missed visitation dates in your custody arrangements and parenting plan. There, you can establish what happens if the child can’t go to visitation or if a parent has to miss a custody or visitation date. That way, both people know what will happen and won’t have to argue about changes to the schedule.

Visitation schedules take planning, but if you and your spouse (or ex-spouse) can work together on it, it’s easier to come up with an agreeable plan that considers all possible changes in a child or parent’s schedule.