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It might seem like a remote possibility at this time, but spouses and their marital situations can go through a lot of intense changes after a child is born. In many cases, the stresses of parenting are enough to highlight the loose bonds that have held a marriage together, and a couple can split apart. Sometimes, one of the individuals is completely blindsided by the decision to divorce, and this spouse could be at a disadvantage during the divorce process if he or she is not prepared.

It’s for this reason, that every parent should keep a child care journal. Then, even if the child care journal is never required in court during a child custody battle, at least the parent has a nice diary of his or her parenting years to look back on fondly.

Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind when making notes in a parenting journal like this:

  • Your parenting journal can be informal in a simple notebook with dates next to the entries. You can also keep your journal in a calendar app in your smartphone.
  • Make notes of everything you do for and/or with your child.
  • Make a note of various child-rearing duties like washing clothes, bathing, making meals, driving the kids to school and taking them to doctors’ appointments.
  • Make notes about your child’s behavior and mood.
  • Make notes about fun activities, extra-curricular activities and other types of things you do with your child.
  • Keep copies of pictures that record different moments in you and your child’s life.

If your child custody rights are being challenged by the other parent in your divorce proceedings, it’s important that you respond diplomatically and strategically. Our law office is available to help you with every step of your child custody dispute.