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Most people wisely shy away from discussing religion and politics with their family, friends and business associates. But if you’re raising a child with your ex-spouse, the topic of religion – particularly the religion under which your child is raised — is bound to become a serious issue if you and your spouse maintain competing viewpoints. To avoid this potential point of contention between you and your ex, you should get serious about the matter during child custody negotiations, so you can pin things down for the future.

Some parents may want to specifically state the religion under which the child will be raised. Others may want to state that the child will be raised under the religious practices of each parent during the times when the child is with that parent.

Here are a few examples of parenting provisions that parents can use in their parenting agreements regarding religion:

  • Each parent can take the child to the religious institution of the parent’s choice while the child is under the care of that parent.
  • The parents agree that the child will be raised and instructed under the principals of Judaism/Christianity/Buddhism/Baptism/etc.
  • The parents agree that the child will not partake in any religious activities unless the other parent approves.

As you can see, the above provisions are strikingly different. If you and the other parent can agree to one of these perspectives, you might want to do it now, or face the risk of the other parent becoming religious or spiritual – or changing his or her faith – in a manner you don’t agree with later. This could create conflict in your coparenting relationship that you’ll want to avoid.

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