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When you’re fighting for full physical custody of your child, it means that you want to be the primary caretaker of your son or daughter, and you want the other parent to merely have visitation rights. If you succeed, you will be known as the “custodial parent,” and your child will live with you full time. Meanwhile, the other parent will be characterized as the “noncustodial parent” and have the right to visit the child according to a regular visitation schedule.

To prevail in your child custody case as the custodial parent, you will need to highlight why the other parent was not the primary caretaker and how the parent rarely participated in child-rearing tasks. Here are a few characteristics you’ll want to highlight about the other parent to achieve this goal:

  • The parent rarely bathed, groomed or dressed the children.
  • The parent didn’t prepare meals for the children.
  • The parent always relied on you to buy and wash clothes for the children.
  • The parent never participated in taking the children to the doctor for medical appointments.
  • The parent didn’t attend sporting events, recitals or other extracurricular events.
  • The parent didn’t drive the children to appointments or events.
  • The parent never assisted with homework.
  • The parent was not involved with teachers and skipped open house events.
  • The parent rarely enjoyed leisurely activities with the children.

While you emphasize that the other parent of your child never engaged in the above activities, you want to also produce evidence and facts showing how you took care of these vital child-rearing responsibilities as the primary caretaker of your children.

If you’re currently in the throes of a child custody dispute, an experienced Florida family law attorney can help you present your case for child custody in the best possible light.