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Florida family law courts generally want both of a child’s biological parents to be involved in that child’s care. Shared visitation is generally the preferred method for handling every custody situation — when possible.

However, sometimes a parent has problems that lead to the endangerment of the children. In those cases, the court may be inclined to strip that parent of his or her custody rights in order to protect the child.

Some of these circumstances when a parent may lose his or right to live with and/or spend time with his or her child, including the following:

The child abuse is a victim of parental abuse

Child abuse can come in many forms and it’s certainly grounds for the termination of a parent’s parental rights. This abuse might include physical abuse, as well as psychological abuse, neglect, abandonment, emotional abuse and more.

The courts take allegations of abuse very seriously but won’t act to remove a parent’s custody rights without good evidence.

There are other parental challenges

Child custody could also be terminated as a result of the parent’s long-term mental illness, problems with drugs and alcohol, failure to support one’s child, failure to stay in contact with the child, a long-term criminal history and more.

In fact, there are many other reasons why a parent might lose custody, and these cases are always decided by the unique facts that surround each case.

Your child custody rights are important. If you are at risk of losing your child custody rights, or if you believe that the other parent of your child should lose his or her custody rights, our law firm is available to help you asses your legal rights and options.