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We all know about joint custody, 50-50 custody and sole custody when it comes to shared parenting arrangements. But there are certain less-than-common ways that co-parents organize their time with their kids. Some of these ways push against the limits of what general society considers “acceptable, normal behavior.” At our law firm, however, we encourage parents to explore all of their options — and get creative — to find a parenting solution that works for them, even if others find it to be uncouth or strange.

To get your creative wheels moving in this direction, we’d like to showcase two shared co-parenting strategies that might not work for a lot of people but has worked exceedingly well for a very select few:

Shared-home co-parenting

Some parents who choose to get a divorce loath the idea of moving out of their family home. Sometimes, both parents are so dedicated to the idea of living with their children that they find a way to continue living with each other — as roommates rather than spouses. In these situations, both of the parents continue living in the same home with their kids. Like the next strategy, it’s not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not right for you.

Bird’s nest co-parenting

For those parents that don’t want to keep living with one another, bird’s nest co-parenting offers an adjustment to the above. Here, the children keep living in the family home, and it’s the parents who have to change locations to be with the kids. Maybe one week it’s parent A living in the home, and the next week it’s parent B.

As you can see, these are not your average co-parenting arrangements. If you’d like to consider less-than-common co-parenting ideas, contact our law office and speak with our family law team.