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If you can master the art of dealing with your ex-spouse diplomatically and patiently on a daily basis, you will have achieved an incredible feat. Not only that, but it will support your child’s healthy growth and development. One way to support your ability to be diplomatic and sidestep potential areas of conflict and disagreement is to create a carefully-planned parenting agreement that includes well-thought-out parenting provisions.

A parenting provision is a clause or statement that you and the other parent agree to within your custody arrangements. They help set the ground rules for parenting, discipline, schooling, medical care, religion, child custody exchanges and more.

Here are a few examples of parenting provisions you might want to include in your agreement:

Provisions regarding child custody exchanges

— During child custody exchanges, the exchange location will be at the downtown McDonalds.

— If the noncustodial parent won’t make the appointed time and doesn’t make an arrangement with the custodial parent ahead of time, then the noncustodial parent will not wait any longer than 30 minutes before the scheduled visitation is canceled.

— If the noncustodial parent cannot make it to the scheduled child custody visitation, he or she will notify the custodial parent at least 12 hours in advance.

Provisions about religion

— The children will be raised under the Christian/Jewish/Muslim faith (insert appropriate faith).

— The children will not be raised under any faith.

— The children will be raised under the faith of the parent who is caring for them at the given time, and the other parent will not interfere with the teaching of those religious ideas.

These are just a handful of parenting provisions that co-parents might want to agree to. If you have questions about what parenting provisions could be suitable for you and your soon-to-be ex, contact our law firm to discuss your situation in further detail.