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Few parents relish the thought of having someone oversee their every interaction with their children, which is what happens when the parent exercises supervised custody of the child.

But celebrity parent Brad Pitt appears to be embracing the supervised visitation he recently enjoyed with four of his six children over the winter holidays. Media reports indicate that Pitt had four of the children — Zahara (13), Shiloh (12) and twins Knox and Vivienne (10) with him on Christmas Eve and day. A court-ordered monitor accompanied the children to Pitt’s home and slept overnight in a guest room.

Custody arrangements appear to be the biggest sticking point in this celeb split, with Jolie attempting to limit Pitt’s access to the children. The older two boys, Maddox (17) and Pax (14) reportedly have a strained relationship with their dad and chose not to attend.

Why would a parent agree to supervised visitation?

In some cases, they may not have a choice if they want to spend time with their kids. Regardless, successfully completing a trial run of supervised visits can show the court (and your ex) that you are a responsible parent who is committed to maintaining a close and healthy relationship with the children.

When is supervised visitation appropriate?

Supervised visitation might be ordered if one or both parents has shown poor judgment regarding parenting decisions in the past or been under the influence of drugs or alcohol in front of the children.

Alternatively, parents of children with complex medical conditions may not feel confident that they can manage their child’s symptoms and health on their own and welcome the presence of another person who could step in if an emergency arises.

Should you agree to supervised visitation?

It’s always wise to seek guidance from your Florida family law attorney regarding custody matters. However, accepting supervised visits with equanimity is a good way to demonstrate your willingness to become the best parent that you can for your kids.