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Many Florida parents have suffered due to questions about establishing paternity. Often, the one who wants to establish paternity is the father so that he can pursue the right to spend time with his children via regularly scheduled visitations. It might also be the mother, who pursues child custody in order to receive child support payments. Whether you’re the mother or the father of a child, the best time to establish paternity is at the hospital, just after your child is born.

Establishing the name of the biological father not only benefits both parents, as it allows the biological father the right to establish a visitation schedule and the mother the right to receive child support, but it also benefits the child. Indeed, family psychologists — and the Florida court system’s interpretation of family law — tend to agree that children are best served when they build strong and loving relationship bonds with both parents.

When an unwed biological father agrees that he is the father of a particular child, this person is recognized as the “acknowledged father.” While it’s best to acknowledge paternity and put the father’s name on the birth certificate at the hospital after birth, this can be done at any time after the birth of the child.

To learn more about paternity and establishing paternity, Florida mothers and fathers might want to take the time to learn about how their particular cases fit into existing Florida family law. At our Florida family law firm, we are available to listen to the facts pertaining to your paternity case to advise you of your best next steps.