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A child custody battle is one of the most terrifying and emotional experiences that a parent will ever have to experience. The thought of losing your right to spend time with your child, even if it’s losing just a few days with the child each week, is enough to cause some parents fits of anxiety and fear. Although each child custody dispute is different — and every parent has his or her reasons to hold a firm position — parents who are facing a child custody court case may want to consider the following:

Educate yourself on the law

The more you know about Florida child custody law, the more likely you can reach an out-of-court agreement. In many cases, a child custody dispute goes to court because one of the parents isn’t fully informed about the way the court will probably decide the case. When the likely outcome is known, the parents can usually reach an agreement that saves them the time and cost of litigation.

Get your home ready for the kids

To help you present the best case in court, you’ll want to prepare the most comfortable home in which your children will live. The court will want to see that you can provide suitable living arrangements that offer enough space for your children.

Learn about your children

Children develop and grow quickly — and their likes and dislikes can change over time. The deeper your relationship with your children, the more you will know about their interests and characteristics. This knowledge will help you prove your relationship with your kids when and if this gets challenged in court.

There’s plenty more to think about before a child custody dispute, but that’s what your family law attorney is for. If you want to learn more about your legal rights and options regarding any kind of family law matter, our Florida law firm is available to help.