Helping You Create A Brighter Future

When you’re married, your children get used to the fact that they live in the same house as both their parents. However, after you decide to divorce, this will all change. Since this is such a big adjustment for children, you must explain the finer details of joint custody.

Here are three tips you can follow to ease the stress and help your children feel better about the future:

  • Stay united with your ex-spouse: Even though you’re divorced, you should still communicate on the best way to approach questions and concerns from your children regarding joint custody. When you’re on the same page, it’s easier to provide your children with the comfort they need.
  • Don’t put your children in the middle: It’s so easy to talk poorly about your ex after divorce that you may do so without realizing your children are around. If you put your children in the middle of your problems, they may begin to resent you and/or their other parent.
  • Talk about stability: Even though things are sure to change, share with your children what you and your ex are doing to provide stability. For example, showing them the visitation schedule may help provide insight on what the future will bring.

When you focus on these details, it’s much easier to explain joint custody to your children without upsetting them.

If you’re doing your best to keep things in order, but your ex is fighting you every step of the way, don’t hesitate to discuss your feelings with them. If this falls on deaf ears, it may be time to consider your legal rights.