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When you were married, you stayed home with your kids seven days a week. You thought that doing so was best for their growth and development.

After you got divorced, you had to go back into the workforce. It was necessary, but you still worried about how it might impact the kids.

There’s good news: You shouldn’t worry. In fact, studies have found that there are some serious benefits for kids who have mothers who leave the home and enter the workforce.

The study was carried out by the Harvard Business School, so these are results you can trust. They compared daughters who had stay-at-home mothers to those with working mothers, and they found that the second group made 23 percent more money when they grew up, they stayed in school longer and the odds that they would land a supervisor position at work went up notably.

Why is this? It has a lot to do with what children see their parents do and what they value as a result. When mothers work, daughters take on those same values and goals.

“Role modeling is a way of signaling what’s appropriate in terms of how you behave, what you do, the activities you engage in, and what you believe,” said the lead author of the study, a professor at Harvard. “There are very few things, that we know of, that have such a clear effect on gender inequality as being raised by a working mother.”

Balancing life and child custody may feel difficult, and it is important to know about all of the options you have, but you don’t need to worry that working will negatively impact your kids.