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When setting up a custody and visitation schedule, it is important to think carefully about exactly what time you want to spend with your child. When can you have the most impact on their growth and development? What time of day is best for your relationship with them? What can you do to create a schedule that, though you do not get to see your child as much as you used to, still helps you be a valuable part of their life?

According to researchers, here are the three times of day that have the greatest impact and are considered the most important in a child’s life:

  • Right after waking up in the morning
  • Right after getting back from a day at school
  • Right before going to bed for the night

Technically, some reports say that the three minutes around any of these events are the most important of all. But the key takeaway is that these transitional periods play a big role in a child’s life. Any time around these events is when you can have an impact.

If your ex has custody of the kids and you just get visitations, that may mean you miss the times before and after bed. As a result, it may be best to spend your visitation periods with the child right after school. That way, you still show up at one of these key points in their daily life.

Overall, this is just one thing to consider when creating an official custody and visitation plan. Make sure you understand your parental rights and what options you have.