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Florida family law judges are responsible for deciding what’s in the best interest of a child when making custody decisions. Many aim to institute visitation schedules that will allow children to spend the maximum time possible with both parents. If there’s a question over a child’s safety, then a judge in Plantation may require for such visits to be supervised.

Parents who’ve previously engaged in domestic violence, that have a criminal past or problems with substance abuse may also have their sessions supervised. The same may occur if a parent and child have been estranged. Their interaction may be supervised until both are comfortable with one another.

Supervised visitation can take on many forms.

Several families may be asked to come to a location at a specified time. There may be activities going on or a playroom filled with toys. It’s there that a mental health counselor or another trained individual may observe all of them. The supervisor may take notes about what they see and write a report about it for the court. A single family may also be observed during a one-on-one session too.

In other cases, a counselor may be much more hands-on during supervised visits. Instead of just observing interactions, they may provide children and their parents with interventions, suggestions and feedback all aimed at improving the bond between mom and dad and their son or daughter. These therapeutic supervised visits may be recorded to be used as reference material for facilitating change.

Parents who have been violent with one another may be ordered to perform monitored exchanges of their children. Parents are often assigned to arrive at the trade-off facility at different times. They’re asked to leave their child under the supervision of a monitor until the other parent arrives to pick them up minutes later. This is done to minimize the chance that children will be exposed to potential conflict.

There are many different reasons that parents may need to negotiate for a visitation schedule. If they live in different states or have difficult work schedules, then they may need help coming up with a plan that works for them. When an estranged parent comes back into the picture or seeks custody despite having a violent past, it may necessitate help as well. An attorney can help you negotiate an agreement that’s in the best interest of your child.