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After your divorce is in the past, it’s time for the healing process to begin. This holds true for you, your ex-spouse and your children.

During this time, you should expect your children to ask a variety of questions. Preparing for them accordingly will go a long way in helping you put their mind at ease.

Here are three of the most common questions children ask after divorce:

  • Why did you do this? Regardless of their age, your children may have questions about why you decided to divorce. It’s not always easy to explain, especially to younger children, but you don’t want to evade the question.
  • When will you get back together? Even if you feel that getting back together is a possibility, you don’t want to tell your children this. Giving them false hope will only make things worse if it doesn’t come true.
  • What will happen to me? Make it clear to your children that they are your top priority. Give them every reason to believe that things are going to be all right in the future.

When your children ask these questions, it’s critical to sit down and answer them in a detailed manner. This is the only way to give them the peace of mind they’re seeking.

You hope that your ex takes the same approach with your children, but there’s no way of controlling them.

If your ex is making it difficult to provide a stable environment for your children, review your parenting plan and learn more about your legal rights. It may be time to ask the court for a change.