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Divorce will impact everyone involved, including your children. Since it’s your responsibility to keep them safe and stable, it’s critical to learn more about the many ways you can ease the strain of divorce.

Here are three steps you can take:

  • Answer their questions. If your child has a question, it’s imperative to provide a truthful answer. Ignoring them or lying will only make things more difficult in the future. But there is a limit to the information that you need to share with them, so keep it age-appropriate.
  • Put your children first. If your soon-to-be ex-spouse takes the same approach during the divorce process, you’re positioning your children to establish a “new normal.” Also, never put your children in the middle of your negotiations with your ex. For example, don’t ask your children which parent they like better or tell them bad things about their other parent.
  • Stay in tune with their feelings: Don’t make the mistake of having one single discussion about the divorce and never addressing it again. They are sure to have questions before, during and after the divorce is complete. By staying in tune with their feelings, you can provide the necessary support at all times.

If you and your ex are on the same page regarding your co-parenting, you can work together to ease the strain of divorce on the kids. This is the ideal situation, as you both understand that your children come first.

In the event that your ex isn’t cooperating, e.g., violating the court approved parenting agreement, it’s best to speak with them about your concerns. If that doesn’t work, you may need to take legal action.