Helping You Create A Brighter Future

Going through a divorce is never easy. This is particularly true if you have children with the other individual. Not only does this complicate the divorce process, but it can also lead to issues in the future.

Fortunately, with the right parenting agreement in place, you should find it easier to co-parent.

Here are five points to include in your parenting agreement:

  • Physical custody: This outlines where the children will live in the future.
  • Legal custody: This outlines if one or both parents have the power to make major decisions on behalf of their children, such as those related to religion and education.
  • Visitation schedule: The non-custodial parent is likely to be granted visitation rights. A visitation schedule helps avoid mix-ups in the future.
  • Schedule for holidays and other annual events: From holidays to birthdays to vacations, your parenting agreement should touch on where your children will spend their time. For example, you may agree to spend Christmas with your children on even-numbered years, while your ex gets odd-numbered years.
  • Language for dealing with potential changes and disputes: You may need to alter your parenting agreement at some point. It’s nice to have language in place that provides direction regarding changes and disputes.

Creating a parenting agreement is a big deal, as it will govern many aspects of your post-divorce relationship with your children.

If your ex continually violates your parenting agreement, attempt to discuss your concerns with them. If that fails, review your parenting agreement and learn more about your legal rights. You may be able to request a modification from the court.