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With Halloween on the horizon, the holiday season is almost in full swing. If you have concerns about child custody and visitation rights over the next few months, it’s critical to address these as soon as possible.

Here are three things you can do to help your situation as the planning process begins:

  • Talk with your ex about your plans: For example, if you’re hoping to take your children trick or treating, discuss it in advance. This gives you enough time to work through any conflicts.
  • Spend time together as a family: If possible, it may make sense for you, your ex and your children to spend some or all of the holidays together. Even if you don’t spend all day every day in the same house, partaking in activities as a family, such as trick or treating, is an idea to consider.
  • Review your parenting agreement and visitation schedule: Many parenting agreements outline where your children will spend holidays and other special occasions. For example, you may get your children on even-numbered years, while your ex gets them on odd-numbered years. Knowing what your parenting agreement says will help you make informed decisions.

The biggest mistake you can make is waiting too long to plan for the holiday season. This increases the likelihood of disagreements and arguments during what’s supposed to be the most enjoyable time of the year.

If your ex is making it difficult to enjoy the holidays, such as by violating the parenting agreement and visitation schedule, talk to them about your concerns. You may also want to learn more about your legal rights, as a modification may be necessary.